Shopping Guide


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You can place an order online on the Sagana website through the following basic ordering steps.

Please refer to the detailed information for each ordering step as follows:

1. Search for products

You can search for products in 2 ways:

Type the product name into the search bar.

Browse by category.

2. Add products to the cart

Once you've found the desired product, please click on the image or name of the product to go to the product detail page, then:

Review product information: price, promotional information.

Select the desired quantity.

Add the product to the cart.

3. Review cart and place order

Select the product(s) you wish to purchase and adjust the quantity as needed.

Click "Checkout" to proceed with placing your order.

4. Enter shipping information

5. Review and confirm the order

After completing all the purchasing steps, the system will send you an order confirmation email.

6. Track order status

After successfully placing an order, you can track the processing and shipping status of your order by entering the order number and email provided during checkout at the following link:

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